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Post Rock is a blog dedicated to helping people who want to hear lots of music without spending lots of money, and putting those hard-earned dollars in the underdogs’ hands: small, independent and local folks.

The Web has become an incredible, almost indispensible, tool for promoting music. Along with that evolution, on-demand audio and complimentary mp3s become more readily available.

Post Rock aims to compile these resources in one place, and help fans of all genres make informed decisions when perusing the stacks at their local record stores or their favorite independent Web retailers’ catalogs.

We are also dedicated to crafting an enjoyable and entertaining experience for our readers, since many of us have backgrounds in writing and/or editing.

We welcome your criticisms and suggestions, and encourage lively debate. Cut loose to shane.liebler[at] ARTISTS may send promotional materials; fans may send fan letters and fun stuff; and prisoners may send their awful 9/11 poetry; to:

Listen Up
220 Hillsdale Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13206

Please note: Post Rock makes no guarantee whether material will be featured; however, it will receive the same consideration as anything else you find on the site and we will always respond, honestly and directly, to any submissions.

Founder Shane M. Liebler is a writer and communications professional living in Central New York. A Detroit native, Shane has been living in the Empire State since graduating with a bachelor’s degree in journalism/mass communications from St. Bonaventure University near Olean, N.Y.

He has spent a majority of his career as a staff writer at daily newspapers in Wellsville, Watertown and Auburn. Shane currently works in the State University of New York at Oswego Alumni and Development Office, where he is associate editor of Oswego magazine.

Shane was assistant music director and on-air personality at WSBU-FM, St. Bonaventure’s student-run radio station. He is also former staff writer at the Daily Vault.

Shane lives in Syracuse with his wife, Taylor, their obnoxious yellow labrador, Saranac, and an overweight calico cat named Callie.

Kyle A. Torok descended from the Great Lakes and Northeast to the Dirty South after surviving approximately 623 New York winters. He is passionately interested in bicycles, running, music, pancakes, narwhals and well-planned mass transit, though his knowledge of these subjects varies. Despite his 627 days (and counting) living in the South, Kyle still fails to understand grits’ popularity.

Kyle has a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from Alfred University, Alfred, N.Y. He started as a small-town reporter covering the “huh?”-hitting oddball stories; worked as a career advisor and experiential educator at Alfred U.; and currently is the Alumni Clubs Coordinator for the Georgia State University Alumni Association, where he strives to better engage alumni with alma mater through fun events and rewarding professional activities. Kyle is a member and outreach volunteer of the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign, which sometimes makes him dress up like a clown and ride a bike. No joke.

He, two cats and, like, four or so bikes, live in Atlanta’s Kosherest neighborhood, Toco Hills.

Oh, yeah, and once he saw a blimp!

The mind of contributing columnist and critic Matthew J. Deapo, was shaped in large part by the work of Michael Jackson, Billy Joel and Prince as a youngster growing up in Syracuse, N.Y. The discovery of Yo! MTV Raps in his early teens only furthered his interest in musical culture, culminating in his current obsession with rock new and old, fast and slow, hard and soft.

Matt attended St. Bonaventure University outside of Olean, N.Y., and received a bachelor’s degree in journalism/mass communication and a master’s degree in English literature. He was station manager, music director and on-air personality at WSBU-FM, St. Bonaventure’s widely acclaimed radio station.

Matthew currently acts as SEO copywriter for DMi Partners, a direct marketing agency and is one of the chief writers for exploitation film archive, The Deuce. He enjoys B-movies, entrancing guitar rock, fresh Pennsylvania beer and overanalyzing.

He currently resides in Philadelphia with his other half, Darlene, and their rambunctious cat, Suzanne.

Contributor Shelby Liebler Maidment is a pop culture junkie and certified English/health middle school teacher in Detroit. Unlike many people (like this blog’s founder) who say they’re from Detroit, Shelby actually lived in the city for many years and works there today.

She earned her undergraduate degree from Wayne State University in — suprise — Detroit after attending college for about 10 years or so.

Shelby lives in the ‘burb she grew up in, St. Clair Shores. In fact, she shares the house she grew up in with her husband, Brendan Maidment, who also happened to design the fine logo for this site.

They have two dog, but I forgot their names. One’s real cute and the other kind of smells.

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