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Mix for My Unborn Son

March 19, 2011

My wife and I have been on quite a journey during her first six months of pregnancy: excitement, worry, work and more worry. Needless to say, I think a lot about my unborn son and before he officially arrives on this planet sometime in July, I think there’s some music he needs to hear.

As a first-time dad, I’ve done a lot of reading on this whole baby business. I was amazed to discover that babies can hear things just a few months into pregnancy.

Liebs: The (Very) Early Years

If it’s true that an infant instantly recognizes his parents’ voices from his first breaths, the same must be true about music, I figure. So, I’m going to work today to create a mix that will help shape his good taste.

The plan is simple enough: Plunder my memory vaults in search of the sounds that shaped my life, prune selections to suit my wife’s taste, and pray this pre-birth jukebox gives my better third a head start on a lifetime of musical exploration.

Real simple.

And one of the most challenging compilations I’ve ever made.

I’ll chronicle the process on Post Rock and on the Twitter with the hashtag #hisfirstmix.

For the initial inspiration, I thought back to a musical gift my own Pop passed on to me very early in my life: The Beatles. Dad’s a big Beatles fan and the group provided some the first substantive sounds I ever heard.

One of the first Beatles tunes I fell in love with was an alternate take of “I’m Looking Through You.” I discovered it on a bootleg compilation of my Dad’s called Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1 and designated it for repeat.

I listened to it so many times, in fact, the old man forced a set of headphones on me to prevent me from ruining the song for him. It was one of his faves, too.

Thankfully, I didn’t wear it out. It’s one of my first automatic inclusions for this mix and I’ve actually listened to it on repeat during the duration of typing this entry.

Yep, it’s still good. Hope he likes it as much as his dad and grandpop-to-be do.

Off to a good start …

— Shane M. Liebler

P.S. If you don’t happen to have a copy of German Beatle bootleg comps like Ultra Rare Trax laying around you can find this version of the great song on The Beatles Anthology 2.

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  1. brendan permalink
    March 20, 2011 6:48 pm

    great pic of you up there my man!
    looking forward to meeting the little guy with great musical taste.

    • March 21, 2011 10:10 am

      Thanks, brother! That pic is definitely one of my favorite in the Liebler archive.

      I played some guitar for him yesterday and he was really jumping around in there, so I think he’s well on his way to acquiring good taste.

      Of course, my guitar playing is less than stellar … hmmm, maybe I should just stick to the mix! 😉


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