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Eminem made this? I’ll take it.

May 9, 2009

Shelby Liebler Maidment is desperately searching the FM dial and TV show soundtracks for this year’s hot summer jam before the heat arrives. Who will make this season’s ubiquitous hit? Our newest contributor starts in her own hometown with Eminem’s “We Made You.”

Being an Eminem fan since 1999, it is hard to throw any of his music into a “suck” file.  Just by making a few clever music videos and the Marshall Mathers LP, he’s lured America like so many dangerous strangers with candy.

His music has not been breathtaking lately, but the release of his album Relapse may be the change of all that very soon.  His single “We Made You” is illustrative of his ability to make fun of anything that exists in pop culture.

The song starts with taking a swipe at Jessica Simpson (sort of old-hat) and finishes up by telling Amy how good rehab looks.

Hey, anyone who can reference 14 celebrities in a comical way within four minutes should be recognized in the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame or at the very least be given a MTV special. Not only is the man able to lambaste popular celebrities, he does it without missing a beat in his song or compromising his cred.

All and all this is probably just a shot from the hip to stir up controversy and intrigue before the release of his hotly anticipated album.  I take my hint from the man himself, “you think this is bad, you should hear the rest of my album.”

Eminem hasn’t been around for the past 10 years out of pure luck.  The man has talent and he will probably be “the one that we came to see” for a few more decades.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. May 9, 2009 10:41 am

    A few more decades? That’s a bit of a stretch. The Hall of Fame? Less so, but that’s because everyone gets into the hall.
    Did you have a hit record? Are you really old now? You’re in!
    Personally I hate this song. Any idea what Em’s new flow is all about? He’s sounds like that late night tarot card reader. Remember? She was from somewheres in the Caribbean.
    My guess is he’s truly shedding the Slim Shady persona. It’s kind of weird though.
    Nice entry.

  2. Kyle permalink
    May 21, 2009 4:10 pm

    Agreed, Liebs. Eminem’s time is up. The best thing I’ve heard from Eminem in the last few years was the other day in the fitness center when, in the middle of my physical therapy-prescribed butt exercises, he joined Dr. Dre in “Forgot About Dre.”

    “That’s right, I forgot about both of you!” I thought. “Ah, this is a nice nostalgic trip.”

    And that’s what Eminem is, at best. He peaked with “8 Mile” and his Oscar. Jessica Simpson is waaaaay old hat, as is Amy Winehouse. OK, she won’t go to rehab but needs to: got it. Thanks, late night talk shows and celebrity rags circa 2007.

    Also, there is someone who has remained relevant and successful, who also is able to expertly lampoon celebrities and their offerings: “Weird” Al Yankovich. Also one of the best live shows you can see. Brother, if you can spare a dime, put it toward Mr. Yankovich’s catalog and leave Eminem dwelling in the past he so adores.

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