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5 & Dime: Free Amazon songs

April 16, 2009

Apparently, Amazon offers hundreds of mp3s for free every day. I did not know this. Now that I do, here’s a handful you need to go get right now. Seriously, RIGHT NOW.

Albert Hammond Jr. — Gfc

This gem off the former Stroke’s sophomore LP, Como Te Llama, is worth a listen to say the least. Even if you think the Strokes are lame.

Bon Iver — Skinny Love

This increasingly popular cut from For Emma, Forever deserves the attention. Decievingly simple, the tin-can ring of the acoustic guitar complements the “ma-ma-my” chorus and whispered rage that builds as this tune goes on.

Blitzen Trapper — Furr

The title cut from this Northwestern group’s second LP is a fantastic indie-country storytelling-type jam. And what song about wolf-human interaction isn’t cool?

Cursive — From the Hips

This classic emo outfit is back for the first time in just about forever with Mama I’m Swollen. This song will slowly grow on you if you give it the chance.

Neko Case — People Gotta Lot of Nerve

Great single from a good album by a seductive singer/songwriter in her prime.

Okkervil River — Loast Coastlines

Lit-rock only applies to a couple bands I can think of: The Decemberists and rival storytellers Okkervil River. The addition of the Motown baseline to OR’s narrative prowess really makes this track attractive.

If you’re feeling adventurous and reading this in a timely manner, head over to iTunes for this week’s free pick, Cage the Elephant. I first heard about them through the SXSW grapevine and they definitely have potential. Take a listen to the dusty rock twang of  “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked.”

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